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Candidate Oliver Says Addressing Property Value and Education a Priority

Candidate reinforces platform message and vision for Village of Olympia Fields

OLYMPIA FIELDS, IL – March 27, 2013 – Kelvin M. Oliver [], candidate for Village President of Olympia Fields reinforced his vision for the village this week, while taking his campaign on a well received street and door-to-door campaign.

In underlining his vision for Olympia Fields, Candidate Kelvin Oliver was adamant in stating, “In order to make Olympia Fields a more attractive place to live and raise families we must address and stop the fact that our properties are losing value.” Oliver further conveys his primary reasons for seeking the village presidency which includes providing residents with the highest quality emergency and public works services and improving lobbying efforts with local school boards to make them more effective in the education of area youth.

Oliver sees a growing trend in foreclosures, and will provide workshops for residents to get more help, as well as more code enforcement to be implemented regarding aging homes that require attention. Oliver will also engage residents of the community to partner with the police and will advocate for quarterly meetings with police department officials to inform and educate residents about crime prevention.

Oliver, currently an Olympia Fields Village Board Trustee for the past ten years, intends to dramatically expand the participation of the whole community in the decision-making process currently used by the board of trustees. “As a trustee I know firsthand that very few people attend our board meetings, and one primary reason is that the village board is eternally retiring to some executive session for a talk behind closed doors.”

Regarding business and economic development, Oliver expressed the need for developments such as a multi-sports complex in or near Olympia Fields, noting that it would attract an array of businesses such as hotels, and restaurants, and also jobs. As village president, Oliver intends to hire professionals in commercial development to assist in locating new businesses and investors to the area. “Having been a youth baseball coach for over fifteen years, not only will developments such as a multi-sports complex bring a lasting economic legacy to the area, it will make the South Suburbs a more attractive place to live and raise families.” Oliver commented.

Kelvin Oliver is an Olympia Fields Village Board Trustee and a youth baseball coach for over fifteen years. He is President of the Matteson-Olympia Fields Baseball (MOF) League for the past ten years, and a member of the Greater South Suburban Baseball League for past five years. He and his wife, Pamela Oliver, have raised three children in Olympia Fields.

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