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Kelvin Oliver Endorsed by Rich Township School Board Member Cheryl Monique Coleman

Candidate for Village President of Olympia Fields vow to change status quo in education and new businesses efforts

OLYMPIA FIELDS, IL – February 21, 2013 – Kelvin M. Oliver [], candidate for Village President of Olympia Fields received a bold endorsement from Cheryl Monique Coleman, PTO Arcadia/Indiana Elementary Schools, and Rich Township High School District 227 School Board Member this week.

In endorsing Oliver for president of the village, Ms. Coleman noted that, “Kelvin Oliver has demonstrated personal commitment to improving education by serving on the Olympia Field’s Education Commission.” Coleman also said, “I am encouraged that Mr. Oliver like me has made personal sacrifices to support the education of not only his son and daughters but other children. He stood shoulder to shoulder with families in search of a better education and volunteered his time to support families.”

Oliver, who is currently an Olympia Fields Village Board Trustee for the past ten years, has been a youth baseball coach for fifteen years, and President of the Matteson-Olympia Fields Baseball (MOF) League for 10 years; and a member of the Greater South Suburban Baseball League for 5 years.

In accepting Coleman’s endorsement, Oliver said, “I stand with Cheryl in her stance for better education and the removal of civil servants whose autocratic style of leadership diminishes the quality of life for our students and residents.” Oliver further stated, “The fact that our village leaders are lackadaisical in their efforts to take drastic measures to counteract the fact that over 73% of Rich Central students fail to meet State standards is simply appalling.”

In outlining his platform and vision for the Village of Olympia Fields, Oliver cited the dire need for school improvement which will ultimately bring more families and business to the area. Regarding local business development, Oliver pledges to take a more aggressive stance in attracting more business to the village and more regional collaboration with organizations such as the Chicagoland Convention and Visitors Bureau, which will benefit the whole Southland region. Oliver is also keen on maintaining favorable tax rates and incentives for businesses to move to the area, together with changing the perception of Olympia Fields being a “bedroom community” to a destination site.

Oliver also sees a growing trend in foreclosures, and will provide workshops for residents to get more help, as well as more code enforcement to be implemented regarding aging homes that require attention. Oliver will also engage residents of the community to partner with the police and will advocate for quarterly meetings with police department officials to inform and educate residents about crime prevention, and to be better prepared for undesirables that encroach upon neighborhoods.

Oliver does not take this task lightly and is not running to climb any career ladders, as such he quotes John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the U.S., “If your actions inspire others to learn more, dream more, do more, become more, you are a leader.”

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