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Abstract Artist Rashawn Taylor Presents Artlapalooza Art Show

Includes School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) faculty members Rebecca George and Selena Jones

CHICAGO, IL – August 12, 2013 – Mixed-media abstract artist Rashawn Taylor, CEO of Total Abstraction [] presents Artlapalooza Art Show on Saturday August 17, 2013, at Big City Swing Studios, located at 1012 W. Randolph, Chicago IL, 60607 from 7pm until 12am. Show starts at 8:30pm.

Total Abstraction’s Artlapalooza will be the eleventh show featuring new works by Rashawn Taylor, together with a cavalcade of artists, led by School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) faculty members, Rebecca George, director of The Art House, and Selena Jones a noted sculptor, painter, mixed-media artist. Other notable artist’s showing at the event includes: Mike Van Meter, Alena Tribbia, Agnieszka Molls, Lawanna Myles, Joshua Gunty, Conseula Johnson, Nancy S. Candice, Lexi Hoffman, Eddy H. Ben Clark, Rodney Wade, Ace Sun, Nicholas Gunty, Erin Hayden and DGM. Entertainment for the after-party will be provided by DJ Finkey and DJ Lucki.

Art literally called his name; and he answered with “Total Abstraction.” Rashawn Taylor, began his incredible foray into the world of art when he was three years old. As a child, Taylor was influenced by the abstract art impressions his parents displayed in their home. His urge to create art would soon become evident, which led to his third-grade teacher Ms. Williams, instructing him on how to mix colors with crayons. It was not long thereafter that Taylor became a master of abstract art.

Today, Taylor’s works includes, abstract, fine art, mixed media, digital abstract art, digital mixed media, and abstract photography. According to Taylor, “Art should be living and breathing.” Regarding his methodology, Taylor’s said, “If you can focus on that one red dot, you can branch out from there, and the possibilities are endless.” Taylor’s abstract artwork is achieved by using his bare hands, never using brushes or any other utensil or device. As a result, Taylor is able to literally get into his art, and his energy becomes one with the paint.

Born on Chicago’s North side, Rashawn Taylor is the son of Ms. Sylvia Taylor, an Educator and Jimmy Taylor (RIP), a Vietnam “point man” veteran, and former Cook County Sheriff. Taylor was a former Color Editor with the Chicago Tribune, and was honored with the paper’s “Achievement Award” in 1999. Taylor, a commissioned artist, is also a motivational speaker and is a regular featured guest at community and cultural events around the country. Taylor also gives educational talks and workshops for children, helping them to identify and explore their artistic nature.

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