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JERSEY CITY, NJ – June 17, 2008 – LaTanya Junior, CEO of [], and 20-year brand planner, marketer and media expert announces the launch of the network business radio show, The Corporate Boutique 360. The site also serves as an online interactive learning portal for businesses and organizations, and was recently added to Live365, the world’s largest Internet radio broadcaster network, that hosts nearly 6,000 stations.

Millions of entrepreneurs are seeking directions and answers to critical questions including -- how to develop the right plan, how to market effectively in a fragmented, expensive and competitive global marketplace and how to build a great brand that can adapt to the changing marketplace.

“It is time to close the gap between the greatness that an entrepreneur envisions and the greatness that an entrepreneur achieves.” noted Ms. Junior. Twenty-first Century entrepreneurs and small businesses need more insight than the customary top tips, and workshops are few and far between; expensive and often facilitated by professional opinion panels delivering advice in a one stop fit all PowerPoint presentation – and then rarely seen again.

To achieve growth and momentum in an over saturated marketplace, it is necessary that entrepreneurs, small business and micro enterprises know how to personally develop the core planning and marketing metrics that prove your brand’s authenticity, find the connecting touch-points that actively engage consumers emotionally, communicate your unique brand personality, relevance and different dynamics – all of which drive the attraction to products and services. Entrepreneurs also need “frequency” support just like the Madison Avenue Agencies offer to their clients.

With you will not have to wait for a seasonal workshop, seminar or special event. is a revolutionary website that walks entrepreneurs through the brand building development process, strategic planning, strategies, key marketing metrics, media planning research and implementation.  Its proprietary process offers the benefits of learning at your own speed. Participants learn the science of step by step concentrated interest area no matter what their respective business industry.

The Network capitalizes on the phenomenon of online education, interactive live broadcast media, downloadable audios, social networking to connect and capture the hearts of our listeners and participants. The network is fresh, brilliant, fun and in-line with current events and trends of today.

TCB360 delivers interactive problem solving, knowledge and solutions by the slice; insight and advice in an environment that guides the evolution of each participant. Through a customizable information structure, participants select programs, products, and communication preferences, based on their specific interests, comfort zones, goals and timelines.

The Network seamlessly integrates articles, lectures, workshops, lessons, insights, quizzes, industry definitions, and business history notes. With CEO, LaTanya even providing homework! The effort is supported by online radio and TV broadcast programs, data-driven marketing models, and professional advice interviews that stimulate ideas and create solutions. is for entrepreneurs, small businesses, micro enterprises, decision makers seeking excellence and businesses traditionally generating less than $10 million a year. But don’t be surprised.  Everyone from jump-starts to the international business community has been listening in on this new interactive multimedia online learning network. According to, the world’s largest online radio distributor, radio network has listeners in 63 countries, and 36 US markets,’s ranking jumped over 200% in 30 days.

About LaTanya Junior:
LaTanya has held top executive positions at some of the world’s leading brand building, marketing and planning agencies such as Partner, Director of Strategic Planning at Ogilvy and Mathers, Stedman Graham & Partners (Director of Planning, Direct Marketing &. Media Services), True North Media & New America Media Group (Co-Director), Grey Advertising (Brand Manager), Young & Rubicam (Strategic Planning & Media Director Consultant), Wunderman Cato & Johnson (Direct Marketing Planner) The Mingo Group (Direct Marketing and Media Strategic Planner), providing planning, strategies and campaign development that extend from the most extensive general market reach to the most narrowly defined ethnic target.

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