Attorney Tamara N. Holder Lead Defense In “Severed-Feet Case” Driver Marcus Hampton Not Charged With Homicide

CHICAGO, IL – November 14, 2007 – Tamara N. Holder, Esq., announced today that Marcus Hampton, the driver in the “Severed-feet” fatality case was indicted Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at Cook County’s Markham Courthouse. Based on earlier reports, Attorney Holder suspected a vehicular homicide charge. Fortunately, Mr. Hampton was not charged for the death of Mr. Cranston; however, he was charged with the felonies of leaving the scene of an accident, and as a co-conspirator (with alleged girlfriend, Shawanda Smith and her brother, Anthony Smith, Jr.) in charges of arson and obstruction of justice.

Attorney Holder, who has filed her appearance for Defendant Marcus Hampton, will plead her client not guilty to all charges listed in the indictment, at the formal arraignment set for December 4, 2007.

On Friday, October 12, 2007, Mr. Hampton was driving down a dark Vollmer Road where he accidentally hit Mr. Michael Cranston, who was walking in the street, and wearing dark clothing.  Mr. Cranston had allegedly been hit on that road in the past, and was known as “Walking Mike” for his frequent walks on that road. 

Attorney Holder notes, “The facts as they play out will tell a different story from that already told. Mr. Hampton was also a victim in this case. Mr. Hampton is innocent of the charges that stem from what happened after the accident.” Attorney Holder also states, “Mr. Hampton and his family continue to express their deepest condolences to Mr. Cranston’s family.”

About Tamara N. Holder:
Tamara N. Holder, Esq., is one of Chicago’s rising legal analytical stars. She gained national attention for fighting for the rights of railroad workers who were fired in the name of “homeland security” which led to a Congressional hearing.  She most recently filed a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago and its Chicago Police officers for illegal searches at the Harold Ickes Homes.  Her law firm specializes in criminal defense, expungement cases, police brutality, false arrests, and personal injury lawsuits. Ms. Holder sits on the Women of Power Alumni Association Advisory Board; and is also the founder of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Expungement Clinic. 

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