Tamara Holder Applauds Reverend Jackson But Notes Ickes Residents Still Live in Squalor and Fear

Families Cannot Visit This Holiday Season If Names Are Not on Lease

CHICAGO, IL – November 23, 2007 – Tamara N. Holder, Esq., who has led the fight for   social justice for the Harold Ickes Homes residents from day one, applauds Reverend Jesse L. Jackson’s on news of his efforts to distribute food to residents of the stricken public housing projects this weekend.

Attorney Holder, who earlier this year filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Ickes Homes residents, commented, “I am thankful and appreciative that Reverend Jackson is bringing food to some of the most impoverished and needy in our city. It’s wonderful that he continues to bring attention to the Ickes.” However, Attorney Holder cautioned, “With that said, let’s not forget that as the holiday season begins, the Ickes community continues to struggle.”

As residents prepare to have family and friends over for the holidays, residents of the Ickes fear their visitors will be arrested for trespass. In fact, according to Attorney Holder, “Judicial Subcircuit No. 9 Judge Marvin P. Luckman, recently told a young college student, with no criminal record, who was arrested for trespass while attempting to visit his grandmother, that unless he was on the lease, he couldn’t be on the Ickes property.

Also, the Chicago Police Department is said to continue to make numerous arrests for trespass. Attorney Holder noted also, “Furthermore, the fear of police isn’t the only injustice. As food will be apparently given out in the cleaned-out gym, people return to their homes of squalor. They go back to cockroaches, and numerous potential health and building code violations.

About Tamara N. Holder:
Tamara N. Holder, Esq., [] is one of Chicago’s rising legal analytical stars. She gained national attention for fighting for the rights of railroad workers who were fired in the name of “homeland security” which led to a Congressional hearing.  She most recently filed a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago and its Chicago Police officers for illegal searches at the Harold Ickes Homes.  Her law firm specializes in criminal defense, expungement cases, malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. Ms. Holder sits on the Women of Power Alumni Association Advisory Board; and is also the founder of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Expungement Clinic.

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